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and we laugh...

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Mar. 25th, 2002 | 05:13 pm
posted by: immorak in loud

Razzies Pick Mariah
So we all know the Oscars happened this weekend. It was a celebration in cinematic achievement over the last year. But there was another ceremony going on with a little less heart. It was called The Golden Raspberry Awards and it singled out the worst in film in 2001. By no surprise, Mariah Carey won big. Carey was named worst actress for her efforts in the box-office bomb, Glitter. Mariah�s breasts were also nominated for worst screen couple but were edged out by �Tom Green and any animal he abuses.� Tom also clinched the worst film dishonour for �Freddie Got Fingered.� Mariah Carey copped a whopping 60% of all votes cast, according to www.razzies.com. The flop of �Glitter� (film and album) is reportedly responsible for 1800 lay-offs at Virgin, as a result of Carey�s multi-million dollar �agreement� to leave the label.

I watched 5 mins of that 'Glitter' movie.. it was so lame i had to turn the shit off....
This news just makes me laugh...

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