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Slipknot Out To Prove They Don't Suck As Musicians...

Band returning home to begin work on new album at end of month.

"We've got a bunch of different riffs together," bassist Paul Gray (#2) said. "Some are really heavy and some are more technical. We want to get tighter with the songwriting. Everybody has their own version of what should happen, so when we get in the studio we're gonna take everybody's different ideas and try to make them blend smoothly."

Gray said one of Slipknot's goals is to write songs that clearly demonstrate their abilities as musicians. This desire stemmed from the many naysayers who seem to think that if it's noisy and they can't understand the vocals, it must suck.

"Since we're a lot heavier than Linkin Park, a lot of people think they're better musicians than us, but we can play just as f---in' well," Gray insisted. "We're gonna write song stuff that will maybe shut up a few of the people who don't think we can actually play."

During the long months the underworld waits for another lethal drop from the knot, the band will remain pretty visible. First, the "My Plague (New Abuse Mix)" will surface as the first single from the "Resident Evil" soundtrack (see "Slipknot, Manson, Coal Chamber Wake The Dead With 'Resident Evil' "), which comes out March 12. The song was reworked by producer Terry Date (Pantera, Deftones) and features cleaner vocals and some minor arrangement shifts.

"On the album version there were some kind of weird vocal effects on some of the parts, and we took them out and just had Corey [Taylor] sing," Gray said. "Also, we had to do some editing in the middle because there's a part that goes, 'Kill you, f--- you, I will never be you,' and with the movie coming, they wanted to be able to use the song on radio."

In response to hard-core fans who view such tampering as "selling out," Gray remains unrepentant. "You can sit there and listen to a Jay-Z song on the radio, and half the lyrics are cut out," he said. "So we mixed it up and changed it so our song wouldn't be all cut up and sh--ty sounding."

In addition to the remix, in the fall Slipknot will release a DVD of a show taped February 16 at the London Arena. The concert, recorded with 27 different cameras, captures the mayhem and merriment of the Iowa tour. There are also a few bonus features for fans.

"We wore these little microphone pin cameras, so you'll be able to click on whatever band member and watch from that guy's point of view," Gray said. "But it was a pain in the ass because they gave us this big [camera] pack that we had to wear around our waist. So when I was jumping around, the thing started sliding down my leg. I managed about four songs with that thing before I ripped it off. And [DJ] Sid [Wilson], he jumped out in the crowd and they ripped his coveralls completely off and stole the camera. We ended up getting it back and all that's on the film, which is pretty cool."

That was just the best parts..
There is still lots
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