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Buddyhead/Icarus Line Gets Banned From South By Southwest (And Gets On M2!)

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Mar. 23rd, 2002 | 02:37 pm
posted by: childofpunk76 in loud

Texas is pissed off.

This better than the Fred Durst jokes. The story goes like this:

The Icarus Line was playing at the Hard Rock Cafe. Their was a glass showcase type of thing that held Stevie Ray Vaughan's guitar. You can see where this is going.

Aaron Icarus either used a mic stand (that's what punknews.org is reporting) or a guitar (that's what I thought it was when I saw it on M2...they showed it real fast) to smash the showcase, get the guitar, and try to plug it in and play it. Security chased him out.

M2 did a short thing on SXSW today and showed the smashing of the glass but not Aaron trying to play the guitar.

He may be charged for destroying property. And their banned for SXSW.

mtv.com has news on it but their site is down for me right now. Buddyhead has the links to the news articles.

So classic.

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