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Here is some Manson news I got from the Manson site I am unsure if this has been posted or not on here, but if it has, here it is again for those who missed it. I espicaly love the last paragraph of this it is so great. By the way you guys should check out the offical manson site it has been re done again and it is pretty damn cool but I sort of liked the old one.

We have entered �The Golden Age of Grotesque�
Marilyn Manson has returned to crash the ether with a wit-savage shape, painting us a depraved new world disorder on his fifth studio album titled, �The Golden Age Of Grotesque.� Manson is currently in the studio and is expecting a fall release on Interscope Records. Even at such an early stage, the focus of the music�s aggressive transformation is fashioned and fearless.

The nearly completed collection of songs is being orchestrated by the theatrical production team of Manson, Tim Skold and Ben Gross. The result is what Marilyn Manson describes as his �most genius deluge of hardcore guitar-drum violence and reckless electronic-punk vaudeville mixed with 30s cabaret decadence and Arch-dandy dada. These snot-nose stompalongs will convince the finger-waving, faithless bangsters one thing for sure. We can only become what we really are when we no longer believe what others have convinced us to be. We won�t follow religion, we are one. And the understanding of my art is only the sad product of journalism. Fuck art. I am art.�

On his influences, Manson had this to say, �My inspiration for this record came from historic parallels to my own present position in popular culture. Most notably, I found myself fascinated with the overwhelming imaginative, sexually-depraved artistic chaos that just bled from some of history�s greatest minds as Berlin reached its creative extreme peak. The unfortunate onset of rigid control and conformity that brought Berlin to its fiery end seemed to almost mirror today�s less violent, but equally ignorant censorship and fear of �dangerous� art.�

As a close to his speech, Manson added this: �So stand up dopplegangers, we are on a leave of Absinthe! Our lives are theatre, we are the art and the world will now become the beautifully grotesque stage it was always meant to be. Am I just an innocuous entertainer or am I the destructive force and the terrible reality you�ve suspected all along?

The simple answer is, I am Marilyn Manson.�
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