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Mar. 21st, 2002 | 11:19 am
posted by: immorak in loud


Okay, finally, a new show. AND it's co-hosted with SYSTEM OF A DOWN.
Please note immorak does not come up with this stuff.

Playlist for Saturday, March 23:
Gwar: "Jack the World"
Chore: "The Hitchiker"
System of a Down: "Toxicity"
Flaw: "Payback"
System of a Down: "Spiders"
Mortiis: "Parasite God"
System of a Down: "Chop Suey"
Rammstein: "Links 2-3-4"
System of a Down: "War"
Obliveon : "Planet Claire"

* Playlist subject to change

This is the LOUD for System Of A Down fans!


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Comments {1}

System of a Down! Rock!

from: demon_angel
date: Mar. 21st, 2002 10:23 am (UTC)

Not too bad, kinda boring though eh? Hmm needs some Machinehead...and White Zombie for that matter. *grin*

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