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Hi There

Well yes yet another post from me =). Immorak said he would be interested in having some more links to underground bands so hope no one else minds here are a few others I know of. I admit the quality isn't the best but it is better than nothing. Ok so one is a band I am good friends with they are from melbourne, australia. They are called prefekt and they are very cool you can check them out here: http://www.mp3.com.au/artist.asp?id=2835 may I suggest 'rock the revolution' or 'obligate'. I mean you can get whatever or none at all but thought I would post the addy if some people want it =). They are basicaly just metal with a little industrial thrown in with cool keyboard effects. I really like them and if you do dl a song I would appreciate your view of them =).
On to another band I don't know personaly but found them through my opia site. This is more for u guys closer to canada now cause this band is from there. Where I am not exactly sure it has it on their mp3.com info anyway =). Some may of heard of them they are called the lord oblivion project they can be found here: http://artists.mp3s.com/artists/108/the_lord_oblivion_project.html I can't really give any suggestions here because their music changes and is really based on your musical taste I would say 'oblivion' is a great one to check out but feel free to get whatever =).
Sorry for advertising this here but I wasn't really trying to advertise anything I just wanted you guys to check these bands out because they both deserve credit for what they do.
Also I would like to mention I checked out your band immorak and dl some songs by you guys and I must say all though the quality sucked ass lol they were very good songs. I couldn't really hear much of the singing due to the recording but it sounded pretty damn good from what i heard and the music was very very good and I mean that =). I am going to check out that other band u left the link to soon immorak and dl some stuff =). Anyway that is all from me.
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