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Tristania on Passions??

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Mar. 20th, 2002 | 04:21 pm
posted by: askani in loud

Hello fellow Tristania fan. I have some great news regarding the band. Because of yours truly, which is me, Tristania will be played on a popular United States soap opera called Passions on the NBC network, this Friday, March 22nd. Don't ask how I did it because you won't believe me anyway. All that matters is Tristania will be played on a show watched by millions of people this Friday!

The Shinning Path will play for 1:26
Wormwood will play for 2:04
Selling Out will play for 1:10
Hatred Grows will play for 1:19

It's all true and it's this Friday! Tape this episode! Feel free to send me flowers, money, or women as a sign of your thanks. :)



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