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We at the loud community need to help save Amen!
They have been on the LOUD show in the past and man do they know how to rock!
The Black Halos were on the Snow Jam tour and were a wicked punk band.. The guitarist left the band later that year and joined Amen.
This caused The Black Halos to spilt...
Now if Amen is not able to continue than both bands will be gone... and for no good reason!

If you like Amen.. or if you hate Amen.. please sign the Petition for the Amen fans!
Wouldn't you want them to do it for your favorite band?

Right now the have 649 Total Signatures...

The Story on whats going down:
The most volatile and amazing punk/metal band in the world today, 'Amen', is in jeopardy. Upon the recent completion of their 3rd (and as of yet, unreleased) album, the band 'Amen' have come to a dead end.
Having invested a sum of $200,000 into the recording (enough material to fill nearly three albums) Virgin Records told them that the album would not be released by them due to the band not being a 'commercial enough proposition to pursue'.
Virgin then further insisted that the band could leave the label, but could not take the recorded material with them, because of the fact they had paid to produce said album. In order to gain back the recorded material, they said the band would have to pay back the recording cost.

The Problem is, the band does not have the money in order to pay Virgin for the material. Due to significant delay in the album's release, the band have had no money coming in for months.
Amen have a record ready to release, but cant release it until they come up with the money Virgin is asking for.

This problem is jeopardising the future of the band, and frontman 'Casey Chaos' has even gone as far as saying that 'its a mess that could quite easily force the band to call it a day.'

I know I, and many other people, do not want to see one of the greatest bands in the world today to be forced to part ways, only because of a money hungry record label.
Not only will it mean the death of 'Amen' its also another sign that the worlds music industry is destroying creativity and only cares about record sales and not real innovation or talent.
Therefore Id like to send a wake up message to 'Virgin Recordings' tosay that by releasing this album and taking the band back into the fold, they will be making a lot of people very happy and also showing that creativity and innovation is as important to them as record sales.

Thanks for your time,

Max Harper.

Long Live Amen...
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