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Not Here To Delay

The release date for Korn's upcoming new album "Untouchables" has once again had its release date changed, this time back to its original release date of May 14th through Immortal/Epic. The bumped up date is heavily thought to be a direct result of the bands album recently leaking to the internet in mp3 form. In other news, the albums first single "Here To Stay", has now been posted on their official website, www.korn.com.

Good thinking! :)

Casey's Chaos

Amen frontman Casey Chaos recently spoke with Kerrang! magazine regarding the bands current situation and their departure from Virgin Records. It appears as though the bands recently recorded new album was paid for by their now former label and as a result, they label is currently retaining the rights to the effort which cost somewhere over a $200,000 to record. Casey described the situation saying:
"We finished the record and spent three months in limbo, it's been one big disaster. And we're not like Mariah Carey or something; we're just a small-shit punk band so they could probably write it off and say 'Here, take your record'. But it depends on the kind of deal we get if we can get that record back. So we're just at a standstill now and we can't do anything. People go, 'Why don't you fly over to England and do some shows or something', but it's impossible. We don't have any money. It's got to the point where the future of the band is in jeopardy, because people aren't able to survive."

He also went into depths about the bands current financial situation stating:
"Not being able to figure out how you're gonna pay your rent, Worrying if you're gonna have to pack up your shit and put it in storage or sell your car. That's broke. Going to stores and trading your CD's to be able to pay for shit. It's just about survival: Larkin (drummer) is trying to get some session work; Rich (Jones, guitarist) is living with his girlfriend; Sonny (Mayo, guitarist) is getting a day job, but what job's gonna have you when you go on tour for six weeks and come back when you feel like it? Who's gonna hire you? When you're on the road it's not really an issue. You make $20 a day or something and you can eat, but when you're home and you can't pay the bills it starts to get to you. It's disheartening. Larkin has a kid so it isn't even about him, It's about being able to put food on the table for his kid."

When asked about the new record he went on to say:
"Ross Robinson said it was the most intense work he's ever done and it's definitely the most difficult record we've ever done. It was like an exorcism and I lost a lot of close friends because I think I became too fucked-up. This record was definitely my darkest period."

Meanwhile, when questioned whether or not the band would be breaking up, he had this to say:
"Well, I'd rather blow up than just flutter about, we've had an amazing time and in some ways I'd rather leave it as it is. But at the same time I wanna make sure the record comes out. It's just about survival. We're all trying to keep it together. We all believe in the band, but with all this shit going on it just makes it difficult. We could be forced into being a band that presses up 300 CD's and hand-numbers them or we could just go away. Right now I feel like we still have a reason to be a band. We still believe with a passion in what we do, but it's about being able to do that. It's definitely a big blow, but a fatal blow? We'll see."

In the meantime, the band are currently meeting with numerous interested labels in hopes of securing one to release their new album in partnership with I AM Recordings later this year.

Definitely want to hear this album and I hope things work out for the band!
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