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LOUD! -- Rage Page!

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Mar. 15th, 2002 | 09:48 am
posted by: immorak in loud


Opinions. They can be dangerous things. You have two options: You can annoy all your friends and co-workers with long-winded arguments or you can vent here. The choice is yours. The Rage Page is updated each and every Wednesday, so keep those emails coming.

Here are a few of the finer sentiments our LOUD viewers have expressed to us over the last week:

Stop playing the same videos, for bajebus sakes!!

There are sh** loads of other bands that need more recognition on this show! With Canada's "lower censorship standards" it's quite obvious to me that you perhaps could play some Six Feet Under videos, other Cannibal Corpse videos (OTHER than 'Devoured by Vermin') that tend to be banned from US video stations... Now, if you were the music enthusiast that you portray yourself to be, then you should make it a personal mission to obtain music videos from as many bands as possible!

Come on George!...Get some new videos in rotation!! Or how about introducing some other international bands? Ones from South America? Germany (Knorkator? Megaherz?)

The possibilities are endless here George...and since you are the man in the limelight, you should be helping us broaden our musical tastes by exposing more bands. Talk to whoever you must, even if it has be Moses Znaimer himself, tell him that the fans of Loud demand more! MORE! MORE! MORE! and not the same videos that you keep rotating. I hope your video collection is not as limited as i think it is. PROVE ME WRONG... PLEASE!

- T.S.

I think you should diss bands you don't like even if it does piss people off. Cause it's your opinion. Who cares what people say back to you. If they didn't like what you had to say, then why would they waste their time writing to you telling you about how they didn't like what you said.

p.s. my girlfriend loves you.

- Rob, St-John's, Newfoundland

Let me speak on this...

I'm tired of people bashing the s**t out of all kinds of hard rock, if the s**t is loud and it makes you wanna kick ass then thats a good f***ing song! If it doesn't then don't go taking the wind outta the sails of the people that like it. To each one their own. If you don't like drowning pool then don't listen to them, if you absolutely dispise Anthrax don't f***ing tell the whole world. No one wants to f***ing hear your bitch ass complaining. I listen to everything loud. From Godsmack to Guns n' Roses, from Slayer to System of a down and all things in between. If all you haters want to attack someone attack Britney Spears and NYSNC, not your own metal brethern. Thats all i wanted to say, oh and one more thing:

R.I.P - Fear Factory

- Chris

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