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Static-X "Cold" E-card Download...

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Mar. 14th, 2002 | 12:07 pm
posted by: immorak in loud

Hey Static-X Fans!

Download the new "Cold" E-card -- the incredible new single from "Machine,"
featuring all-new photos of Static-X. Also, be sure to download the new version
of "Cold" (this version also featured on the "Queen of the Damned" Soundtrack)
at the end of the e-card.

Use AOL Instant Messenger and IM the card to your friends!

At the end of the e-card, instant messenge the card to a friend and you'll get a
link to a webpage which contains the "Cold" E-card download as well as an
exclusive remix download of "Cold" by Mephisto Odyssey (only available through
the link on the e-card).

Download the e-card here:

http://www.wbr.com/static-x/cold-ecard.exe (PC VERSION)

http://www.wbr.com/static-x/ColdEcardProjector.bin (MAC VERSION)

View the e-card online here: http://www.wbr.com/static-x/cold-ecard.html

Be sure to call up your local radio station and request "Cold" -- check out a
list of radio stations in your area here:


Thanks for all your support!

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