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Blink And You Missed It
Word came out yesterday that Blink 182�s Mark Hoppus is indeed alive moments after internet and radio station reports claimed he was dead. In fact Hoppus was at home in California eating pancakes at the time according to the band�s web site. The fake report claimed Hoppus and his bodyguard were shot dead in his Florida home. The first warning sign should have been that Mark doesn�t even live in Florida. Blink 182 head out on their �Pop Disaster Tour on April 17th. Blink will share headlining duty with Greenday. Both Jimmy Eat World and Saves The Day will split the opening slot. The only Canadian date so far is June 7th in Toronto.

Silverchair Setback
There is strange news coming out of the Silverchair camp. Seems like singer Daniel Johns is suffering from a strange extremely painful virus that causes swelling in the joints; in his case, his knees. John�s condition was reached a point where he can�t walk or even stand on his own. Never fear though, doctors say Daniel�s condition is not life threatening and will resolve itself with treatment and rest. No word on whether gal pal Natalie Imbruglia will help nurse him back to health.
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