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LOUD! *cough*

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Mar. 8th, 2002 | 02:59 pm
posted by: immorak in loud


Here's the deal: We are pre-empted this Satuday night for the 11pm show, but you can see a previously-aired episode of LOUD in the 4:00 a.m. slot.

Playlist for Saturday, March 9:
Previously-aired episode of LOUD!
Please view the Playlist for Saturday, December 29 for the 4:00 am re-air.
* Playlist not subject to change

Next week: System of a Down co-host LOUD!

You know what the sad thing is?
They cancelled LOUD this week for the Brit Awards 2002! I checked muchmusic.com specials and its on all night Saturday and all morning Sunday.
Couldn't we have a break for LOUD?


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