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Fear Factory Mourning + Pride Day.

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Mar. 7th, 2002 | 08:20 pm
mood: creative :)
music: Fear Factory/_byte block
posted by: starmeat in loud

As a way of mourning Fear Factory's split, let's make an impact.


If any of you [you being the fans] have a Fear Factory shirt, wear it.

I don't care if you wore it today, quit yer bitchin.

Wear it. Please.

We have lost a great band, and for the pride that'll always burn inside us, let's show we still care.

Own no FF shirt? You can always find a crappy old shirt and draw a logo with marker .. then cut that out and safety pin it to another shirt. Ta-da. Or you could just wear it that way.

They were my favorite band, and I'm sure many others. Judging by the shows I went to, even last night at mindless self indulgence I saw Fear Factory jackets and shirts .. they have a large fan base, and we need to keep it ALIVE.

Idea credit to: immorak and starmeat [me]

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