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Mar. 2nd, 2002 | 10:04 am
posted by: immorak in loud


This is the line up for this week, boys and girls. Rock on.
Please note immorak does not come up with this stuff.

Playlist for Saturday, March 2:
Slayer: "Bloodline"
Anthrax: "I'm The Man"
Tiamat: "Cold Seed"
Obituary: "Don't Care"
Voivod : "Eiffing Headaches"
Ratt: "You're in Love"
Bucket Truck: "No Other Way"
Fear Factory: "Replica"
Spinekshank: "New Disease"
Gesundheit: "Ionorancia"
Ill Nino: "God Save Us"
Vision of Disorder: "Southbound"

* Playlist subject to change

I am going to tape this mad beast of a loud show!
We have the new video from Bucket Truck titled "No Other Way" which is also in high rotation on MuchLoud if you get that station. Bucket Truck -- great cd, great live show at Snow Jam 2001!
We have Ill Nino, "God Save Us" which i have not seen yet! Show kick some mother f**king ass!
The new Slayer, "Bloodline" which i just download the other day.. LOTS of blood in that one!

Clip from "Bloodline" by Slayer:

Vision of Disorder is going "Southbound" on tonights loud. The video is kinda strange.. cool effect to it.. the song.. BLOWS ME AWAY! (non sexually)
Then we have Fear Factory, Spinekshank, and all the other wicked bands lined up for loud tonight!

Has anyone been watching loud over the past month or so?
I have noticed that its getting like an ad for MuchLoud the channel.
They still play the videos which is KILLER but they talk about specials on MuchLoud..
Oh well!

This Week in DoWnLoAdS:
Download: Vex Red - "Can't Smile" (Download Problems? click here)
Download: Slipknot - "My Plague (New Abuse Mix)" (Download Problems? click here)
Download: Glassjaw - "Bartender" (Download Problems? click here)


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