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StreetWise March Update

StreetWise Army,

The family that we call StreetWise is constantly snowballing, getting bigger,
thanks to all of our hard work. We are getting ready to launch a brand new
flash site to make your access into faster & easier. Look for
that soon!!!

Now onto the good stuff...



N.E.R.D. - "In Search Of..." - March 12th
CUSTOM - "Fast" - March 19th
THE SCORPION KING - "Soundtrack" - March 26th
HATEBREED - "Perseverance" - March 26th
PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE - "Live Album" - March 26th



With their potent combination of modern sounds, vintage attitude and raw energy,
the FLYING TIGERS are unquestionably one of the years most exciting new bands.
The Los Angeles-based trio's self-titled Atlantic Records debut sees the band
creating their own brand of new millennial rock, irresistible hooks,
uncompromising riffs, and heartfelt songwriting, all marked by singer/guitarist
Ryan Martin's distinctive vocals.

"We're just a simple rock band with really good melodies," drummer Gary Benson
adds. "It's just raw, real rock music."

Martin and Benson formed the Flying Tigers after the two had been members of the
alternative group Frankie Machine. After nine years together the team was now
anxious to strip away stale layers and focus on emotional original rock music.
Former Powerman 5000 bassist Dorian Heartsong, was also on a quest for something
new and inspiring. A mutual friend introduced Heartsong to Martin and Benson
and the lineup was solidified. Join this team now so you can be the first to
introduce the world to the FLYING TIGERS.

That's right StreetWise, one of last years sickest tours has spawned a live
album. Featuring live songs from SYSTEM OF A DOWN, SLIPKNOT, AMERICAN HEAD
CHARGE, MUDVAYNE & NO ONE, this album is a must have for any hard rock / heavy
metal fan. The album is dropping this month, so we will be BLASTING the
materials out to the streets. JOIN NOW!!!

P.S. Lookout for "The Pledge Of Allegiance Tour 2002" coming to your town in


The New York City-based punk/industrial/hip-hop group MINDLESS SELF INDULGENCE
consists of singer/songwriter Urine, guitarist Steve Righ, bassist Vanessa and
drummer Kitty. The group's over-the-top sound debuted on their 1999 album
"Tight" and their equally outrageous live shows won them opening spots on tours
with Rammstein and Insane Clown Posse. The group followed this success with
2000's "The Frankenstein Girls Will Seem Strangely Sexy." Were you lucky enough
to catch M.S.L. a couple weeks back, as one of the opening acts for SYSTEM OF A

"Always introducing you to the SICKEST NEW SHIT FIRST!!!"



We will have a new band up in this section towards the middle of the
month...STAY TUNED! If you didn't catch last month's "Use It or Lose It" HOME
TOWN's your chance. Don't miss them!!!



Velvet Hammer's own HEADSPACE is dead...well, not really. Due to some B.S., the
band was forced to change their name. It took a while, but the guys have
decided on the name "PulseUltra." The album (which will be called "Headspace")
has been wrapped up and can only be described with one word...CEREBRAL!!! We
will be launching a street team very soon...STAY TUNED!!!

TAPROOT - Well StreetWise, "The Root" is hard at work in the studio on their
follow up, sophmore album. Drummer extraordinaire Jarrod Montague is wrapping
up his drum tracks as we speak for the record, entitled "Welcome." Speaking of
"Welcome"...we will be having an AMAZING contest called "Welcome To The Studio"
very soon. You think you are TAPROOT'S biggest fan?...we'll see about that!!!

SYSTEM OF A DOWN - The guys are over in Europe right now, tearing it up. In
case you haven't heard...SOAD has been confirmed to headline Ozzfest 2002. (Who
remembers SOAD playing the side stages in 98' & 99'...DAMN we've come a long

S.T.U.N - Velvet Hammer Management clients S.T.U.N. are currently in Boston, MA
working on their debut Warner Bros. record with producer Sean Slade (Radiohead,
Pixies). We will be launching a street team for them very soon. In the
meantime, you can learn more about the band on

POME - Meet POME. This is Velvet Hammer's new development band. We should have
some new demo's for you to listen to around May. To get a headstart on everyone
else, check out


Boys & Girls, Ladies & Gentlemen...there you have it. Your March StreetWise
update. Let us take a moment to send a little shot out to our Star Teamers who
have really been stepping it up...killing the streets with swag, taking
pictures, handling shows and sending in awesome feedback. You know who you are
and we love you!!!

StreetWise Concepts & Culture 2002
"Bringing You The Sickest New Shit First"
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