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Chat with Wayne & Trip about Queen of the Damned!

Hey Static-X fans...

Just in time for the movie release of QUEEN OF THE DAMNED, log on to MSN on
THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 21 at 4:00 PM PT/7:00 PM ET for a special QOTD Soundtrack
chat with guests WAYNE & TRIPP OF STATIC-X, Jay Gordon of Orgy, and David
Draiman of Disturbed. Click here:

And pick up the kick-ass Queen of the Damned Soundtrack that features Static-X,
Chester of Linkin Park, Disturbed, Jay Gordon of Orgy, Marilyn Manson, Papa
Roach, Godhead, Dry Cell, and Earshot. It's in stores now!

�Not Meant For Me� - Wayne Static
�Forsaken� - David Draiman
�System� - Chester Bennington
"Redeemer" - Marilyn Manson
�Slept So Long� - Jay Gordon
�Dead Cell� - Papa Roach
�Change� - Deftones
�Down With The Sickness� - Disturbed
�Cold� - Static X
�Headstrong� - Earshot
�Penetrate� - Godhead
�Before I�m Dead� - kidneythieves
�Excess� - Tricky
"Body Crumbles" - Dry Cell

To listen to the full album and get all the latest news and information about
the QUEEN OF THE DAMNED Soundtrack, go to
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