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Korn Turns Porn
Korn frontman Jonathan Davis is following in the footsteps of Snoop Dogg, he�s entering the porn industry accorning to "It's something I want to do, and if I want to do anything, I don't care--I just go for it," says Davis who has signed on to direct porn flicks for Vivid Video. "I'm into any dark seediness, and the porn industry is the darkest and seediest you can find. I enjoy it." Maybe he'd like to direct Britney Spears' next music video? "I just think I want to do the anti-typical cheesy porn--I want to do stuff that's cool," says Davis. Davis also makes his debut as a film songwriter with today's release of the Queen of the Damned soundtrack. Other artists on the soundtrack include Marilyn Manson and members of Disturbed and Linkin Park.
All i have to say is keep the kids inside... and witchmooon... put your hands back on the keyboard!

Madonna A Guitar Goddess?
Madonna has oddly been recognized for her guitar-playing prowess during her Drowned World Tour. The Material Girl is a contender for the Les Paul Horizon Award at the Orville H Gibson Guitar Awards. Madonna is vying for the award against John Mayer, Pete Yorn, Michelle Branch and blues guy Chris Thomas King--all of whom are better known for their guitar playing. The Les Paul Horizon Award recognizes up and coming guitarists. The awards will be handed out on February 26th in L.A.
Madonna and guitars? Oh well.. when you have been around doing so much (and so many).. why not something new?

Britney Sexes Up The City
Britney Spears is once again out to prove her womanhood by appearing on an episode of the popular TV series, Sex and the City. Twenty-year-old Spears will get the chance to live out her fantasies as a teenage temptress playing the niece of Kim Cattrall's character, Samantha Jones. The plot of the show is based around Spears' character, who makes a move on her aunt's lover. It's likely that Spears got the opportunity to act in an episode of Sex and the City through Cattrall, who plays the princess of pop's mother in Crossroads, Spears' silver screen debut.
WHAT? ahh.. What will Britney be doing next? Guest host of LOUD?

Metallica Pays Tribute
Now that he's clean and sober, Metallica's James Hetfield is making plans with his head firmly on his shoulders. The Metallica mainman says he wants to record a song as a tribute to Exodus singer Paul Baloff who died of a stroke earlier this month. "We in Metallica would like to say that we will all miss Paul for his work, his kindness and for just being there," says Hetfield. ""I am actually gonna record a song just for look for it in the near future. We will all remember Paul. Like he said...'Heavier than time.' He truly was. Cheers Paul!"
Metallica is cool and all.. but they need something new! (like a new album!)
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