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Lots of Static-X News!

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Feb. 14th, 2002 | 10:51 pm
posted by: immorak in loud

Lots of Static-X news!

Static-X will be performing official Meet & Greet sessions after their
soundcheck for the remainder of the tour. If you want the chance to meet the
band, please get to the venue no later than 3:30pm. Line up in the standard area
for entrance to your local venue. Signing will begin around 4:00-4:30pm. Due to
time constraints there will be time limits to the session each day and there is
no guarantee that the entire band will be present(but most of the time they
will). Please bring no more than 2 items for the band to sign. The band looks
forward to seeing you all out on the road! Go to this link to view a printable
flyer to help spread the word:

"Static-X Meet & Greets" will be at the following tour dates
(Static-X/Soulfly/Soil/Onesidezero tour):
02.14.2002 :: The Agora Theatre, Cleveland, OH
02.15.2002 :: Bogarts, Cincinnati, OH
02.16.2002 :: State Theater, Detroit, MI
02.17.2002 :: Newport Music Hall, Columbus, OH
02.19.2002 :: Lupo's, Providence, RI
02.20.2002 :: Webster Theater, Hartford, CT
02.21.2002 :: Roseland Ballroom, New York City, NY
02.22.2002 :: The Palladium, Worcester, MA
02.23.2002 :: Electric Factory, Philadelphia, PA
02.24.2002 :: Nation, Washington, DC
02.27.2002 :: Bronco Bowl, Dallas, TX
02.28.2002 :: Live Oak Civic Center, San Antonio, TX

Call your local radio stations to request the new single "Cold"! Many new
stations are coming on board each week. The video for "Cold" has been completed
and set for release. Keep an eye out and start the requests for the video, too!

Static-X will be appearing on the upcoming Ramones tribute cd being produced by
Rob Zombie. The track will be "Gimme Gimme Shock Treatment"
(evil-industrial-punk-metal-disco anyone?).
The cd will also feature many other major artists in the pop, rock and metal
More details forthcoming.

Exclusive for all members of the Static-X email list! The Mephisto Odyssey Remix
of "Cold".

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