immorak™ (immorak) wrote in loud,

the new music.

Hey, what's going on? We are here to talk about System of A Down. For what it's worth, their new album Toxicity was the best record I heard in 2001. It was heavy and a smart as hell. The S.O.A.D. boys had enough courage to drop a challenging record on an industry that isn't up to that challenge.

Serj isn't your typical metal frontman so it was exciting to speak to someone who wanted to talk about spiritual positivity and the limitless possibilities for people in the world. This is the record that metal needed. It's like if the lovechild of Faith No More and Metallica grew up wanting to change the world. We went to their base in L.A. to talk about their rise to the forefront of the genre.

Georgie U.S.A.
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