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Bucket Truck added to MuchLoud and more!

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Feb. 11th, 2002 | 05:32 pm
posted by: immorak in loud

Bucket Truck newsletter - Feb. 11, 2002

Bucket Truck's new video for NO OTHER WAY has been added to light rotation on
MuchLoud the station as well as the MuchLoud show on MuchMusic (saturday

We've been told that with enough requests we can get the rotation bumped up from
light to heavy - so we need your help.

Please send Much requests for NO OTHER WAY, and do it often (a big rush of
requests right after I send you this will do nothing, we need to keep the
requests coming in everyday for the next month or two). Forward this email to
your friends so we can all band together to show Much that Canadians can rock a
lot harder than Matt Good and NickelBack.

MuchLoud: loud@muchmusic.com

As well, GOING COASTAL is running a repeat of Sunday nights show this Tuesday at
9PM (Feb. 12) (Central time) on MuchMusic. It features an interview with Bucket
Truck at the ECMAs, some live footage and our new video!!!! There is also stuff
with Joel Plaskett, Sloan, buck65, Dionysis and more so check it out and tell
everyone you know.

OK, so to say that Bucket Truck rocked the East Coast Music Awards would be an
understatement. We played four shows in three days and had some of the most
intense crowds and performances we've ever had the pleasure of being a part of.

We didn't win any awards - no surprise to anyone.

Highlights of the weekend would include:
1. Matt telling security where to go from stage when they started to harass our
2. Telling the organizers of our ECMA showcase (from the stage mid-way through
our show) to lock the doors and make them (all the old folks trying to leave)
3. Showing up at the Brickyard for soundcheck and seeing broken glass all over
the stage, we knew it was our kind of bar already.
4. Ripping up a packed house Saturday night with Flush, Dead Red and Iron Giant!
Nobody left the bar dry (enough beer and swet for everyone).
5. Getting our picture taken at the fiddle jam (we are Newfoundlanders
6. Watching Iron Giant streak the BMG party.

So that's it from the Bucket Truck camp for now. We've got lots of shows coming
up - next stop, Yarmouth on the 22nd and then back at The Attic in Halifax on
the 23rd.

Go request our damn video and check out Going Coastal Tuesday at 9PM! ;^)

Jud - bucket truck

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