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The Beast World
Deadsy have parted ways with bassist, Craig "The Beast" Riker, a statement on the matter was issued by the bands management and is as follows:
"As of January 31, 2002, Deadsy and their Bass Player of three and a half years, Craig "The Beast" Riker, have formally parted ways. The split is due to musical differences and is of the highest amicable order with both parties wishing the utmost success to each other in the future."
Deadsy's forthcoming Elementree/Dreamworks debut, "Commencement", is currently set for a May 14th release.

Ill Ni�o will be shooting a video for their new single, "Unreal", this coming Friday in the Los Angeles, CA area. Director Marcos Siega (System of A Down, Papa Roach) is tentatively set to direct.
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