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Queen of the Damned Press Release

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Feb. 2nd, 2002 | 04:07 am
posted by: askani in loud


JANUARY 29, 2002 BURBANK, CA In a rare partnering of sister labels, Warner
Bros. Records and Reprise Records are set to release the soundtrack for the film
QUEEN OF THE DAMNED on February 19. Making this pairing particularly unique is
the simultaneous release of "duel" singles to radio, one on each respective
label Cold from Static-X (Warner Bros.) and Forsaken featuring David
Draiman of Disturbed (Reprise). The move signals high hopes for the
star-studded release.

The film, QUEEN OF THE DAMNED, taken from famed goth author Ann Rice's "Vampire
Chronicles" series, is poised to hit theaters February 22.

The groundbreaking soundtrack features five original recordings crafted by the
songwriting team of Jonathan Davis and veteran score composer Richard Gibbs.
Each track features its own special guest vocalist, borrowing the talents of
rock revolutionaries Chester Bennington from Linkin Park, David Draiman of
Disturbed, Wayne Static from Static X, Jay Gordon from Orgy and the ubiquitous
Marilyn Manson. The vocal styling of each participant interprets the haunting
and dark melodies in such a fashion that even the vampire Lestat would be

QUEEN OF THE DAMNED is an adaptation of the novel by the same name, which tells
the tale of legendary vampire Lestat, a creature who steps from murky shadows of
anonymity to rise to superstardom as rock star worshipped by all. In the films
musical segments, Lestat is voiced by Davis. Unknowingly, Lestat and his music
have lured the long banished vampire queen, Akasha, from her crypt, reawakening
her thirst for world domination. The film also has the distinction of being the
last completed project by the late songstress Aaliyah in the title role of
Akasha, Queen of the Damned.

Also making mega-musical contributions to the QUEEN OF THE DAMNED soundtrack are
Deftones, Papa Roach, Godhead, Disturbed, Static X and WB/Reprise newcomers Dry
Cell and Earshot (album out May 6th).

Gibbs, former Oingo Boingo keyboardist, has created the sound for several other
films including Say Anything and 10 Things I Hate About You.

Davis and Gibbs have also teamed up to create the film's score with a full
symphony orchestra.

Visit www.wbr.com/queenofthedamned for additional information on the soundtrack
including the ability to hear the soundtrack in its entirety. Fans will also be
able to send digital movie/soundtrack trading cards from the site.

Queen Of The Damned track listings:
1. Jonathan Davis/Richard Gibbs track featuring Wayne Static of Static-X - "Not
Meant For Me"
2. Jonathan Davis/Richard Gibbs track featuring David Draiman of Disturbed
3. Jonathan Davis/Richard Gibbs track featuring Chester Bennington of Linkin
Park "System"
4. Deftones - "Change"
5. Jonathan Davis/Richard Gibbs track featuring Marilyn Manson - "Redeemer"
6. Papa Roach - "Dead Cell"
7. Godhead - "Penetrate"
8. Jonathan Davis/Richard Gibbs track featuring Jay Gordon of Orgy - "Slept So
9. Disturbed - "Down With The Sickness"
10. Static-X - "Cold"
11. Earshot - "Headstrong"
12. Dry Cell - "Body Crumbles"
13.Tricky - "Excess"
14. Kidney Thieves - "Before I'm Dead"


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