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Corey of SLIPKNOT producing tracks for a very young metal band..

I was browsing along on Kerrang and came across "Slipknot: Corey�s Side Project".

This is what it said.....

"We've kept our side projects from the world because we don't want anyone thinking that it's confused over here", he says. "The bottom line, straight from my grandmother's grave, is that we create - we're artists, man - we can't keep it in anymore. We need to give a little bit. It would be great if Corey's doing his Super Ego thing. It'll give him a chance to go out and be his internal voice. He's got a lot of things to say to the world that aren't necessarily our particular style. He's got some real acoustic things that he does, that will blow you away, and I think the world can benefit from it. If people are doing some other things then it will give Slipknot time to stay focused, and not pushed."

Taylor has also been busy producing a four-track EP by Chicago metallers Slytherin, whose ages range between 12 and 16. You can hear Corey guesting on one of the band�s tracks at:

I checked out Slytherin's website, listened to the tracks...... and well..
Take a listen... you don't even have to download the songs to listen to them.. nor does real player or whatever come up.. it's right there on the site....
You won't be disappointed! if you like Slipknot and heavy shit.. this band is for you!

Definitely keeping an eye on this band in the months to come...
Not everyday a young band with member's ages ranging from 12-16 have the lead singer of a band such as Slipknot producing tracks..... you just know it's got to be a good thing. and is it ever!

Hell Yeah!





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