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Durst Discusses Wes
Wes Borland has begun to speak out on why he left Limp Bizkit and now Fred Durst is speaking back. Although Borland said his decision to leave wasn't personal, Durst is still trying to figure out if he did something to push Wes into quitting the group. "The only thing I could remember saying to him before he quit was, 'Are you really going to wear Birkenstocks on the telethon?,'" said Durst. "I think that upset him 'cause he started wearing Birkenstocks [often]." Wes says being in Limp Bizkit had become too much like work. Durst feels Borland is suggesting the band has sold out. �I hope that�s not what he�s saying, because it seems so rude and wrong,� said Durst.
Its so "rude and wrong" because its the truth.

U2 Can't Leave Studio Behind
U2 have so far failed to reach a compromise with Dublin's Docklands Development Authority in the hearing concerning the Authority's plans to demolish several building in Dublin's docklands, including U2's studio. Although the band's lawyers are battling with Authority reps to keep the studio standing, U2, have gone on the record saying they'd leave it if a more suitable place could be found.

It seems like every other day there are more additions to the list of performers at the 2002 Olympics. Just to keep you caught up, Alanis Morissette, Goo Goo Dolls and Nelly Furtado are the most recent additions to Hallmark's Olympic Celebration series of concerts that will happen at the 2002 Winter Olympic Games in Salt Lake City, Utah. Others that have been already announced include the Foo Fighters, Macy Gray, Barenaked Ladies, Smash Mouth, Train, Creed and *NSYNC to name just a few.

Warped Tour Returns To Canada
Bad Religion, Mighty Mighty Bosstones and NOFX will be joined by New Found Glory, MxPx, Good Charlotte and Reel Big Fish, among others for this year's Warped Tour. More names are to be added to the festival, which kicks off on June 21st and wraps up on August 18th. Forty-seven stops are expected on the tour. Here are some tentative dates for Canada, Vancouver July 17th, Calgary July 19th, August 16th in Montreal and August 17th in Barrie.

Nickelback's Triumphant Speech
As any Canadian by now knows, Alberta�s Nickelback have hit the big time. They�re touring the country right now and Chris Nelson followed them from Calgary to Edmonton. �A lot of people in the industry, I feel, didn�t think Nickelback was going to do well,� stated singer Chad Kroeger. �When we get to come to places like this (Skyreach Centre, Edmonton)� this is sort of like our �yeah what do you think now� you know. That�s out little triumphant speech.�

Andrew W.K. Slips Up
A girl was knocked out in the audience at Andrew WK's NME Carling Tour Show at Wolverhampton Wulfrun Hall earlier this week after the singer launched himself into the crowd during his encore. A girl in one of the first few rows was hit instantly. Soon after, she was ushered out. Her injuries have yet to be determined, though they're likely not serious.

Alice Cooper Joins The A*Teens
In what seems to be a very unlikely pairing, Alice Cooper teamed with pop group the A*Teens for a cover of his classic "School's Out" in a Stockholm studio last weekend. Two versions--one rock and one pop--came out of the session from hell. Sell-out Cooper sings on both tracks, which he also co-produced. A video will also be shot for the track, which will, you guessed it, be released as a single sometime at the end of the school year.
That made me sick... very sick *vomits*

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