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Fred Durst Ponders Wes Borland's Exit...

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Feb. 1st, 2002 | 10:11 am
posted by: immorak in loud

"I think to myself all the time, 'What if the [new guitarist] is totally opposite of Wes?" � Limp Bizkit's Fred Durst


As Limp Bizkit's nationwide search for a new guitar player nears its final week, ringleader Fred Durst finds himself still pondering the departure of eccentric crowd-pleaser Wes Borland.

After reading Borland's first interview since he left Limp Bizkit, in which the guitarist explained how playing in the band had become too much like a job (see "Wes Borland: Why He Left Limp Bizkit"), Durst said he felt sad, angry, confused and excited.

"It seems to me like he wanted the article to feel like we're making music for money and he wasn't down with that and he just wanted to get back to music," Durst said Monday from the Guitar Center in Queens, New York. "But I hope that's not what he was saying, because it just seems so rude and wrong, because we love what we're doing and we don't want to turn the page and say that about him, because that's just not right. We don't want to get into some type of war like that, but we read that and we read another line about 'this is what it feels like to be sellouts' or something."

In Borland's interview, he said his decision to leave was artistic and not personal, yet that hasn't stopped Durst from wondering if there was something he did or said that pushed Borland over the edge.


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