immorak™ (immorak) wrote in loud,

Some Loud changes...

This is a list of things i think need to be changed with the Loud show on Much Music!

- It should be on more then just once a week.
- They should not only play the video "One" by Metallica. Metallica has its own video library for crying out LOUD!
- They should have another weekend of "Much Too Loud"! If you do not know what this is its a weekend of Ozzfest, live metal, and loud videos.. Its a little bit like a regular weekend of much only every video is heavy! It rocks! The have "Loud on Demand", "Loud combat zone", etc...
- The should have a LOUD countdown... RAP CITY has one!
- Anything RAP CITY has LOUD should have. Only no crap rap music!
- They need to play more Cradle Of Filth! (that one is for blinded)

What do you guys think?
Got any more ideas?

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