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40 Below Summer

What's Up StreetWise,

We have a question for you regarding 40 Below Summer.

Do you own their debut album "Invitation To The Dance?" If you do, we would
like for you to write us up a summary of feedback on what you think of the
record. Let us know what you like/dislike about the record, when you bought it,
who introduced you to the band, etc. We NEED this information from
everyone...SO HOOK IT UP!!!

In Other 40 Below News:
We here at StreetWise are getting ready to launch phase 2 of the campaign. We
will be re-stocking the streets with swag VERY SOON. In the meantime, keep
spreading the word about 40 BELOW SUMMER throughout the web (via chat rooms,
websites, message boards, etc.), schools, hoods, barrios, cities, country sides,
lakes, ski resorts, hotel lobby's, record stores, skate parks, malls, clothing
stores and just about everywhere else you go. Keep the name 40 BELOW SUMMER
fresh in everyone's heads!!!

For more information on the band, check out their official website:

StreetWise Concepts & Culture 2002
"Bringing You The Sickest New Shit First"
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