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TOOL/CIVILIAN Summer Outing Rumored - Jan. 30, 2002

Unsubstantiated rumors indicate that the new band of former RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE members Tim Commerford (bass), Brad Wilk (drums), and Tom Morello (guitar), along with ex-SOUNDGARDEN frontman Chris Cornell (who are reportedly calling themselves CIVILIAN) will be making their first live appearances this spring/summer as the support act for TOOL. CIVILIAN's Rick Rubin-produced debut CD is expected to surface during the summer.

KORN Frontman To (Possibly) Appear On Next MARILYN MANSON CD - Jan. 30, 2002

KORN frontman Jonathan Davis may make an appearance on the next MARILYN MANSON CD as a return favor for Manson singing the Davis co-penned "Redeemer" on the Queen Of The Damned soundtrack. According to Manson, "I'm in the middle of recording a new record, and it was good to just make contact with Jonathan. I think that maybe since I did this for him maybe he'll work on something with me. It's kind of in the secretive middle stages, but this wasn't too far off from what I'm doing, so it didn't distract me from my frame of mind where I was at." As previously reported, Davis had originally cut the vocals for the music featured in the film, but due to various record company legalities, he was not able to have his vocals appear on the Warner Bros. soundtrack.

Manson had the following to say about his contribution to Queen Of The Damned: "I've been friends with Jonathan or I've known him for probably five or six years. We hadn't seen each other or worked together recently, so it was good to kind of reunite and do this.

"It was a different thing for me and I probably wouldn't have done it for just anyone, but since it was Jonathan and we had a relationship, and he wanted me to do it, this song in particular, I agreed to it. And since he did all of the work as far as creating it, it gave me the opportunity to just perform as a singer and not have to worry about all the other elements that I normally do. So, it made things easier, but harder in a way as well."

In addition to "Redeemer", the Queen Of The Damned soundtrack album features Davis' compositions sung by LINKIN PARK's Chester Bennington, ORGY's Jay Gordon, DISTURBED's David Draiman, and STATIC-X's Wayne Static. The CD is set to be issued on February 19th while the movie is scheduled to open on February 22nd.

TEAM SLEEP Keep Things Raw On Upcoming Debut - Jan. 30, 2002

TEAM SLEEP, which features in its ranks DEFTONES frontman Chino Moreno, DJ Crook, and guitarist Todd Wilkinson, will be using a demo version of the track "Natalie Portman" on their upcoming Maverick Records debut, according to Wilkinson. "It's very raw-just guitar and vocals". I forgot, Crook added some sounds too, the copy that I have and listen to doesn't have Crook's tracks." As previously reported, TEAM SLEEP's debut CD is due to be released in the spring.

SPINESHANK Drummer Speaks Out On New Material - Jan. 30, 2002

SPINESHANK drummer Tommy Decker has posted the following update on the band's recent activities: "Hi everybody. Just wanted to catch everybody up on what's up with the new album. We've been writing a lot of stuff and it's coming out awesome. I think it's the next logical step for the band. Some of it is the heaviest stuff we've ever done. There's a new song that will definitely be a live show closer. It's really brutal! Sort of like 'The Height Of Callousness' but even heavier. We've also been experimenting with some different kind of songs lately, really dark and dynamic. Of course there are the same SPINESHANK elements that have always been there, electronics, anger, good grooves, quiet parts that explode into chaos. We are gonna take our time-we want to make the best record we can and that takes time, so bear with us. It will be out this year though (barring any catastrophes). Well, I've gotta get back to writing music so I'll post again soon, when things are a little more finished. Bye, Tommy"
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