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East Coast Music Awards - BT Take Saint John by the 'horn'! -- Bucket Truck!

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Jan. 29th, 2002 | 08:20 pm
posted by: immorak in loud


The ECMAs are happening this weekend in Saint John, New Brunswick and Bucket
Truck is going to be there.

We're up for two awards and playing four times throughout the weekend. Here's
the run-down for those of you who will be there.

Fri. Feb. 1, 2002
Bucket Truck's Official ECMA Showcase
11PM at the Trade Centre ($10 or Delegate Pass, IDs for 19 Required)

Sat. Feb 2, 2002
All AGES at Saint John High
8PM ($10) with Dead Red, Butterfly Effect and Kaleb Simmonds.

Sat. Feb 2, 2002
LOUD LOVE - a heavy music unofficial showcase
Show starts at 10PM sharp with Kary, then Iron Giant and Bucket Truck at
12:30... (IDs for 19 Required)

Sun. Feb 3, 2002
ECMA Awards Show, Post show event
This one's a private performance for those who are in attendance at the
televised awards show only (our performance will not be televised though).

So that's Bucket Truck in a nut-shell as far as the East Coast Music Awards go.

We've got a lot of Atlantic Canadian shows booked to keep us warm throughout the
winter. Another cross-Canada tour is in the works for the spring.

Check out our website for all the new dates. www.buckettruck.nfld.net

Stay warm and out of trouble and go check out our CD, Waiting to Talk for the
love of ....

Jud - bucket truck


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