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Korn's Fieldy Says His Solo Debut Is No Bum Rap...

You might assume the first solo album by Korn's bassist would brim with the low-end dirges and quaking rhythms that have come to be the n� metal band's signature. You'd assume wrong.

For Rock N Roll Gangster, Fieldy saved the eerie, minor-chord stuff for Korn's fifth album, which is expected to surface this summer, and instead lets the good times � or, more accurately, high times � roll. Much of the album, which was released Tuesday, expounds the stocky bassist's penchant for a certain herb that's rarely used in culinary creations. And despite the title, there's hardly any rock to be found here. Instead, Fieldy � who said that both he personally and Korn collectively have been influenced by hip-hop � has entered the solo scene with a straight-up rap record.

"I called it Rock N Roll Gangster because of [the role] I play in Korn," he said. "I wear the pendants and bandanas and cornrows in my hair � I don't know, I just like the style, the lifestyle. But I'm in a rock band, I'm not a gangster. I'm a rock-and-roll gangster, but [it's] a hip-hop album. If you think you're going to get a rock album, you're not going to get a rock album."


I just don't know what to say about this.. other than *cough* crap *cough*...
If his rap album is 'No Bum' why does he look like one in his pic?
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