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Jan. 23rd, 2002 | 11:59 pm
posted by: subliminalis in loud

Manson, Chester And Wayne To Perform Jonathan Davis Songs
23 January 2002

The soundtrack to "Queen Of The Damned" will feature various singers performing songs written by Jonathan Davis. The songs can be heard performed by Davis in the film, but not the soundtrack, due to legal issues with Korn's record label Epic Records. Artists who will lend their vocal talent to Davis' songs include Marilyn Manson, Wayne Static of Static-X, Chester from Linkin Park, Jay Gordon of Orgy and David Draiman from Disturbed. The soundtrack hits stores on February 19th and the film opens in theaters on February 22nd. Here is the tracklisting:
Marilyn Manson - "Redeemer"
Chester Bennington of Linkin Park - "System"
David Draiman of Disturbed - "Forsaken"
Wayne Static of Static-X - "Not Meant For Me"
Jay Gordon of Orgy - "Slept So Long"
Deftones - "Change (In the House of Flies)"
Papa Roach - "Dead Cell"
Godhead - "Penetrate"
Disturbed - "Down With the Sickness"
Static-X - "Cold"
Earshot - "Headstrong"
Dry Cell - "Body Crumbles"
Tricky - "Excess"
Kidney Thieves - "Before I'm Dead"

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