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It's a slow month in the land of Tool news. Not too much is going on, hence the slower site updates. Here's a quick roundup of some tidbits. "Run Ronnie Run", the movie from the guys behind Mr Show on HBO, is set to hit theaters on April 24. It features Maynard's vocals in the group Titannica performing "Ass Kickin' Fat Kid" (which you can find all over the net already). A good friend of mine who had a very important job on the movie says that yes, it is definitely in the movie. Mr Show also plans to release a few DVDs next month, so those of you who never saw Maynard in his cameo roles on the program can finally check them out. Thanks to John Rantz ( and �

Ashley ( was the first of a sudden wave of people who wrote in asking what happened to the impending birth of As with so many other projects (this site's tabs, the next video, the Eagles winning a championship), we can only assume that it is being worked on, and hope that a finished result will surface soon. �

There are murmurs and rumors about Tool hitting the road again for a tour in the coming months, but so far, there is nothing in stone. �

Scott Francis ( wrote in with the following info: "On February 26, Cleopatra Records is set to release a Tool tribute disc, featuring tracks by such well known gothic/industrial bands as Haujobb, Electric Hellfire Club, and Razed In Black. My own band, Collapse Into Reason, has contributed a track as well." More info is apparently available at, but just now the site was unreachable. �
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