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Slayer's Search
Although original Slayer drummer, Dave Lombardo is back behind the kit for the band's �God Hates Us All� tour, which kicks off on January 24th, Slayer are still looking for a permanent replacement for Paul Bostaph, who quit the band because of a chronic elbow injury. Anyone interested in filling in should send a VHS video of themselves playing along to their favourite Slayer songs. Only three audition dates have been scheduled so far--February 1st, 7th and 13th. Submissions must be made by January 26th and February 1st to be considered. And in true Slayer fashion there is no information on where to send the tapes. I guess you can keep checking their website at ?

Nickelback: Breaking Into The States
As you all know Nickelback are doing very well for themselves south of the border. And MuchMoreMusic�s Bill Welychka caught up with a couple of the very busy guys in the band and spoke to them about breaking into the States and almost hiding the fact that you were from Canada. Ryan Peake from Nickelback explained "It was a fact that we went on stage and here's what we do, hit you with our music. Then get off the stage, [and people say] 'Where you from? Canada.' Ok it's not a stigma anymore it's a novelty to the point of 'that's kind of cool, you're from Canada, right on.'"

Trent Reznor: In A Different Mind-set
In part three of George Stroumboulopoulos' New Orleans interview with Nine Inch Nails' Trent Reznor, he delves into the good stuff. Trent talked about the emotions he goes through as a songwriter and a performer, how the crowd's reaction can take him by surprise and the music he's making today. "I think with 'The Fragile' I was in a different mind-set, and I did the record I wanted to do. All the records have been that way, and the one I'm working on now is reflecting where I'm at now." He added, "I'm not concerned if it sounds like old things or thematically it's like old things. Nine Inch Nails I think naturally mutated and has mutated as I've matured and changed" said Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails.

Bye Bye Bye Mariah
It seems like Mariah Carey's on-again, off-again deal with her UK-based label, EMI, is once again off-again. This time, however, it appears that she's been dumped from the label for good. After denying that they bought the diva out of her biggest recording contract of all time, reports have confirmed that EMI paid her 19 million pounds, that $45 million Canadian, to walk away from her contract. Okay, so they signed her to the largest recording contract of all time and then they dumped her a year or so later. The cut comes on the heels of Carey's latest album, �Glitter�, which sold a mere two million copies. No word on whether her Canadian label, Virgin Music, has followed suit.
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