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Jan. 23rd, 2002 | 03:16 pm
posted by: witchmooon in loud

Papa Roach have set a June 25th release through Dreamworks for their forthcoming new album, "lovehatetragedy". At present the group are set to head to Atlanta, GA shortly to finish up tracking vocals for the effort, with mixing set to begin shortly afterwards. They plan to have it all completed by March, while known track titles for the album include:
"Explosive Energy Movement"
"Time And Time Again"
"Heart Of Darkness"
"Born With Nothing, Die With Everything"
"Black Clouds"
"Code Of Energy"
"Things Get Worse"
"Decompression Period"
"She Loves Me Not"
"Walking Through Barbwire"
On an interesting side note, the track, "Sid", is actually written about Slipknot DJ #0/Sid Wilson. In the meantime, the band plan to put out their as of yet untitled DVD release in April, which will chronicle the bands career supporting their latest outing, "Infest". The band have also been confirmed for the Caracas Festival in Venezuela on March 14th. Following that, they plan to embark on a U.S. club tour in May and will follow it up with a larger scale trek in the summer.

Manson Redeems Himself

Marilyn Manson has confirmed on his official website, www.marilynmanson.com, that he recently entered a Los Angeles, CA area studio to lay down vocals on a track entitled, "Redeemer". The song was composed by Jonathan Davis of Korn and Richard Gibbs formerly of Oingo Boingo for the upcoming Queen Of The Damned film and will be featured on the upcoming soundtrack to the effort, which is due out on February 19th through Warner Bros. The songs will appear with Jonathan Davis' vocals in the film itself, however due to some legalities, other vocalists are being brought into supply the vocal tracks for the soundtrack versions. So far, Disturbed frontman David Draiman has been confirmed to lay down vocals on a track, while Linkin Park's Chester Bennington and Wayne Static of Static-X are also rumored to lay down vocals as well.

A Call For Track Listings

Hatebreed have set the track listing to their forthcoming new album, "Perseverance", which is due out on March 26th through Stillborn/Republic/Universal, it is as follows:
01 - "Proven"
02 - "Perseverance"
03 - "You're Never Alone"
04 - "I Will Be Heard"
05 - "A Call For Blood"
06 - "Below The Bottom"
07 - "We Still Fight"
08 - "Unloved"
09 - "Bloodsoaked Memories"
10 - "Hollow Ground"
11 - "Final Prayer" (Feat. Kerry King of Slayer)
12 - "Smash Your Enemies"
13 - "Healing To Suffer Again"
14 - "Judgment Strikes (Unbreakable)"
15 - "Remain Nameless"
16 - "Outro"

SLIPKNOT's Clown: "Ronald McDonald Is An Evil Motherf.cker!" - Jan. 23, 2002

SLIPKNOT's motormouth Shawn Crahan claims to have been inspired by US TV clown Bozo when he chose his mask. In an interview published in the Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter on January 18th, Crahan also gave props to the king of clowns McDoland's fast-food chain mascot Ronald McDonald!

"The heaviest one is of course Ronald McDonald. He's an evil motherf.cker. I'm also evil, but you can't compete with a guy who has billions for promotion and runs children's hospitals. We won't understood what McDonald has done to the human race until 10 to 20 years from now when the effects start to show. People will look like total f.ckin' mutants!" (translated from Swedish)

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