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Commencing The Track Listing

Deadsy have lined up the tentative track listing to their forthcoming new album, "Commencement", it is as follows:
01 - "The Key To Gramercy Park" (Feat. Jonathan Davis of Korn)
02 - "Winners"
03 - "Brand New Love"
04 - "The Mansion World"
05 - "Lake Waramaug"
06 - "The Elements"
07 - "Flowing Glower"
08 - "Future Years"
09 - "She Likes Big Words"
10 - "Cruella"
11 - "Seagulls"
12 - "Le Cirque En Rose"
13 - "Tom Sawyer" (Rush Cover)
14 - "Commencement"
The album also features the song, "Itsy Bitsy Titsy Girl", as a hidden track. At present, the group are planning to film a video for the first single, "The Key To Gramercy Park", shortly, while the album is slated for a May 14th release through Elementree/Dreamworks.

Fraser Has Come For your Mixing

Amen have once again lined up Mike Fraser (AC/DC, Metallica) to mix their forthcoming, as of yet untitled new album. The group completed tracking the effort with producer Ross Robinson (Korn, Slipknot) late last year and will commence mixing once they return home from their stint on the Big Day Out Tour in Australia early next month. At present, a spring / summer release through I AM/Virgin is being planned

Cold X-Asesino

Static-X began filming the video for their new single, "Cold", yesterday, it is expected to be completed shortly and will begin airing early next month. In other video news, band frontman Wayne Static also recently took part in the video for an upcoming single from turntable crew, The X-ecutioners. Meanwhile, band bassist Tony Campos has been involved in a new project dubbed Asesino as of late. Tony handles both the lead vocal and bass duties in the group, which also features Fear Factory guitarist Dino Cazares and drummer Raymond Herrera. A debut album is expected out later this year along with an official website, however an mp3 of the bands title track, "Asesino", is currently available for download on Brujeria's website, located here.

Mixing Boys

The Alter Boys, a group which features members of Mushroomhead, Dog Fashion Disco, Pro-Pain, Unified Culture and Original Pranksta, hit the studio this month to track their forthcoming debut effort and recently finished, with plans to begin mixing it the first week of February. A release later this year through SMDC Records is being planned.

PITCHSHIFTER Complete Final Mastering Of New CD - Jan. 21, 2002

PITCHSHIFTER have completed sequencing their upcoming CD, entitled PSI, at PSI Studios in Nottingham, UK and have sent the album to Gateway Mastering in Portland, Maine for the final master CD to be cut under the watchful eye of Bob Ludwig (who mastered the group's www.pitchshifter.com record). Commented vocalist J.S. Clayden: �It's been an intense record to make but it's been a lot of fun and [producer] Machine was awesome. It's great to finally finish it and start on the track to getting it to the fans. The mastering sounds amazing and crisp and Gateway have done a great job. [The fans are] gonna love this record."

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