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More Pain
Stereomud are currently back at home in Atlanta, GA, working on new material for their next album. They plan to hit the studio with an as of yet unannounced producer in April to officially begin tracking.

The Soundtrack Of Kings
The track listing has been set for the soundtrack to the upcoming film, "The Scorpion King", and it will feature a host of new and previously unreleased tracks from a variety of artists, Here's how it shapes up:
01 - Godsmack - "I Stand Alone"
02 - P.O.D. - "Set it Off" (Tweaker Remix)
03 - Drowning Pool - "Break You"
04 - System Of A Down - "Streamline"
05 - Creed - "To Whom it May Concern"
06 - Nickelback - "Yanking Out My Heart"
07 - Hoobastank - "Losing My Grip"
08 - Flaw - "Only the Strong"
09 - Rob Zombie - "Iron Head" (Feat. Ozzy Osbourne)
10 - Twelve Stones - "My Life"
11 - Mushroomhead - "Along The Way"
12 - Lifer - "Breathless"
13 - Sevendust - "Corrected"
14 - Injected - "Burn it Back"
15 - Breaking Point - "27"
16 - Coal Chamber - "Glow"
The effort is due out in stores on March 26th through Universal and will be preceded by the first single, Godsmack's "I Stand Alone", which is set to impact at radio on February 05th.
Is it just me or does this soundtrack KICK ASS?

Must Have Recorded All Day
Glassjaw have officially signed with Warner Bros. Records, according to the website of the bands management, Freeze Management. At present, the group are holed up in a Venice, CA studio with producer Ross Robinson (Korn, Slipknot), tracking the guitars for their forthcoming as of yet untitled debut for the label, which is currently eyeing a tentative June release date. The group will be recording 13 songs in total for the album and hope to complete the process shortly, with Mike Fraiser (Amen) confirmed to mix it soon after. For now, known tentative track titles for the album include:
"El Mark"
"Ape Dos Mil"
"Cosmopolitan Blood Loss"
"Must Have Run All Day"
"Trailerpark Jesus"
3 previously known tracks, "Neo Tokyon", "Grasper" and "Midwestern Stylings", all did not make the final cut for the albums recording sessions.

Burning Me Down
Pressure 4-5 have lined up the track, "Melt Me Down", as the next single from their latest effort, "Burning The Process", and are planning to ship the song to radio for adds late next month. At present, the band are at home in Santa Barbara, CA rehearsing and working on new material, with two as of yet untitled new tracks already completed. The group are also rehearsing material for their upcoming touring plans, which have them set to hit the road as early as next month.

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