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Sum 41 Sums It Up
Way back in November it was reported that Ajax punk rockers Sum 41 caused a bit of a ruckus in Vienna,Austria. Apparently the guys decided they had issues with the decor in their hotel room, so, without hesitation, they trashed it. George Stroumboulopoulos spoke to Stevo 32 from Sum 41 and he explained what happens when the band pays a visit to a hotel room. �We don�t show up in the hotel room, and we�re like, o.k., we�re in a hotel room, we�re young, we�re fueled by testosterone let�s break something. It�s usually like we go to the hotel room and we end up drinking too much and then someone has the brilliant idea of like tipping something over. And then we end up having to pay for it all, and then feel like a moron the next day.�

Lost Prophets Think Positive
Metal started in the UK but over the years it has petered off. Recently America has taken over the reigns and this influence is starting to leek back into the UK. Welsh Metal outfit the Lost Prophets sound more like American Nu Metal then the Sabbath of Yore. Mike from Lost Prophets spoke to George Stroumboulopoulos about some of the music that's being made today. "You hear a lot of bands that are full of angst and they get up on stage and on their records and all you hear is them crying and whining. That is cool if that is what they wanna do, but we would rather put across a positive message rather than thinking about the bad things all the time "

Sam The Record Man Re-opens
The sons of Sam Sniderman, better known as Sam The Record Man, reopened the flagship Toronto record store this morning. Bobby and Jason Sniderman worked out a deal to buy the assets of their father's company from its bankruptcy trustee. The company filed for bankruptcy on October 30th, due to a $15 million debt. According to son Jason, Sam The Record Man is now "held over for another hundred years." The store has been around since 1961.

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