WiTc|H|y (witchmooon) wrote in loud,

LIMP BIZKIT's Durst: "I Want Reznor To Produce Next CD" - Jan. 10, 2002

LIMP BIZKIT frontman Fred Durst has reportedly contacted Trent Reznor's management to see if the NINE INCH NAILS mainman would be open to producing a few tracks on the next BIZKIT album, according to an interview with Durst published in the German Visions magazine (as reported by www.nineinchnails.net). Although there has been no official confirmation of the report, a collaboration between Reznor and Durst would undoubtedly raise more than a few eyebrows, considering the pair's high-profile press war a couple of year ago. However, many people believe that a reconciliation may be possible, particularly in light of Reznor's decision to allow LIMP BIZKIT to use some of his lyrics on the group's last album, 2000's Chocolate Starfish & The Hotdog Flavored Water, a move that Trent justified at the time by saying that it would be petty to stop the release of their album. More recently, Reznor told Launch that it was never his intention to attack Durst's band in the first place. "I made no bones in the press about my displeasure with LIMP BIZKIT, and I've kind of rethought that," he said. "I mean, one time I was getting barbed in an interview by somebody, prompted to say bad things [about LIMP BIZKIT], and I said, 'Look, I said what I have to say. I don't need to be the bitter guy pointing the finger at the successful band with zero integrity...I really don't want to do it.'"
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