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January Update -- StreetWise C & C

What's Up StreetWise,

Hope all of you had a safe and Happy Holiday's. Here is what's going on in the
wide world of StreetWise C & C throughout the month of January. Read on & ROCK


New Teams:

Something BIG is coming...STAY TUNED!!!


Hot Band:

DEPSWA - In Swahili, DEPSWA means "Deep behind the moon." In South America, it
is a name for the tribal healer, the medicine man. Soon the world will know a
new meaning! Depswa weaves a musical tapestry unlike anything you've experienced

The band formed in the early 90's in Modesto, California, as the progressive
instrumental trio Carcinogen. After several years, the original bassist was
replaced with fellow Modesto native, Ryan Burchfield. Around that time, the band
began to trade in progressive 6 minute instrumental jams, for cutting-edge
structured hard rock songs, with guitarist Penick assuming vocal duties. The
trio relocated to Los Angeles, where they recruited Sacramento native Dan
Noonan, (who had previously done stints in early incarnations of Static-X and
Spineshank) to fill the vacant second guitar slot.

As for now, the band continues to captivate audiences up and down the West Coast
with their live performances, having shared stages with the likes of Disturbed,
Chimaira, Spineshank, Sw1tched, Danzig, Kottonmouth Kings, No One, Ill Nino, and
more, while writing and playing the music that they love, and preparing their
plan to bring their music to the masses.

"We want to be able to make a living playing music, doing something we love. And
to be able to intensify the content of emotions in our music. And hopefully, be
able to better describe our emotions musically. We don't need to be rich, or
sell 5 million records. We just want to be able to share our music with people."

What will the future bring for Depswa? Only time will tell. But maybe, a more
appropriate question may be what will Depswa bring for the future.

Click here to hear what the hype is all about:


Use It Or Lose It:

HOTWIRE - Four friends from Newbery Park, CA decided to form Hotwire after
having done their time touring the country in Hardcore Bands; Insurgence,
Eyelid, and Countervail. Combining the Heaviness of Hardcore with the on the
edge intensity of Punk formed the foundation for Hotwire's sound. Having just
completed recording their RCA debut with Dave Jerden (Alice in Chains, Jane's
Addiction) and Mudrock (Godsmack, Chimaira) Hotwire is ready to take METAL back
to its PUNK roots!

Well you want to "Use It Or Lose It"?

Click here to vote:


In Other StreetWise / Velvet Hammer News:

HEADSPACE - The band wrapped up the recording of their debut album before the
holidays which will be mixed at the end of this month...this record is going to
be GROUNDBREAKING!!! Their street team will be opening very keep
checkin back to for the latest!!!

TAPROOT - will be launching a new website soon, but in the meantime check out
their temporary site at to see daily exclusive photos and
to hear the studio journal! The band will begin recording the new record in
mind February...IT'S ON!!!

SYSTEM OF A DOWN - The band's own Shavo Odadjian recently directed the video for
"Toxicity" and is currently editing the footage. Listen and call to get your
requests in for "Toxicity" on your local radio stations. THIS VIDEO IS FU**ING

The guys will be heading out to New Zealand and Australia for the 'Big Day Out'
festivals later this month, then off to Europe in March with a short stint in
the states during February...check out the tour dates section on


That's the news. Be prepared for StreetWise 2002...WORLD DOMINATION!!!

StreetWise Concepts & Culture 2002
"Bringing You The Sickest New Shit First"
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