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January 7th.

Metal/Hard Rock Genre In The German Media Control Chart - Jan. 7, 2002

Here is how the metal/hard rock genre fared in the German Media Control (Top 100) charts for the week ending January 7th (as reported by Rock Hard magazine):

17. LIMP BIZKIT - New Old Songs WTF?!.. sad.. poor Germans.....
22. LINKIN PARK - Hybrid Theory
26. CREED - Weathered
31. KID ROCK - Cocky
41. NICKELBACK - Silver Side Up
57. H.I.M. - Deep Shadows And Brilliant...
58. SUM 41 - All Killer No Filler
59. FARIN URLAUB - Endlich Urlaub
60. RAMMSTEIN - Mutter
84. STAIND - Break The Cycle
99. AEROSMITH - Young Lust

SILVERCHAIR To Issue "The Greatest View" On January 28th - Jan. 6, 2002

SILVERCHAIR's new single, "The Greatest View", will hit Australian and New Zealand record stores on Monday, January 28th. The single will feature two extra songs"Pins In My Needles" and "Too Much Of Not Enough"both of which (like "The Greatest View") were written and co-produced by Daniel Johns and produced by David Bottrill (i.e. TOOL, PETER GABRIEL). "Pins In My Needles" will not be included on the band's forthcoming album Diorama, while "Too Much Of Not Enough" will probably end up on the final CD, although this has yet to be confirmed. In other news, a video for "The Greatest View" will debut on Australian and New Zealand TV in mid-January. It was produced and directed by a young Brisbane based video team called Squareyed Films, who had previously worked with acclaimed Aussie indie act GEORGE. SILVERCHAIR are currently in the studio working on a new song for possible inclusion on Diorama, after which they will embark on the Big Day Out festival tour. YAY!

SINISSTAR "Shock" Preview Available Online - Jan. 6, 2002

SINISSTAR have made three tracks from their upcoming Flawless Records debut Future Shock available for listening in streaming audio from this location. The three songs are "White Noise", "Clear Plastic" and "Freak Of Nature". This band rawks!!!

AMEN Drummer To Guest On GLASSJAW CD! - Jan. 5, 2002

GLASSJAW drummer Larry Gorman has reportedly been sidelined by producer Ross Robinson during the recording sessions for the group's upcoming sophomore CD and is said to have been replaced by AMEN skinsman Shannon Larkin for the remainder of the album's tracking process. In a move that mirrors his actions during the recording sessions for GLASSJAW's debut CD, 2000's Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Silence (when Ross insisted on the last-minute removal of GLASSJAW's then-drummer and addition of ex-YOUTH OF TODAY/CIV sticksman Sammy Siegler, on loan from RIVAL SCHOOLS), Robinson reportedly felt that Gorman's performance during the pre-production stage and the early album recordings wasn't "on fire" enough to qualify for inclusion on the upcoming album, thus warranting Larry's exclusion from the recording process. It is believed that Gorman is still part of the GLASSJAW line-up, and he is expected to join the rest of the group on the road at the upcoming Snocore trek (also featuring ALIEN ANT FARM and FENIX TX, among other acts), which is set to begin in February. GLASSJAW's first album since the group's "amicable" split with Roadrunner Records last month (after a long-running dispute with the company), the as-yet-untitled effort is expected to surface through Ross' I Am Recordings via a partnership with an as-yet-undisclosed major label in the summer. Among the working song titles that are tentatively set to appear on the forthcoming CD are the following:

01. Ape Dos Mil
02. Deriving of Incredible Styles
03. Cosmopolitan Blood Loss
04. Must Have Run All Day
05. El Mark
06. Neo Tokyon
07. Tip Your Bartender
08. Trailerpark Jesus

Well if he isn't on fire on the drums.... how do they expect the drummer to keep up with the songs in concert? strange.......
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