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PROBOT's Dave Grohl: Lemmy Is God! - Jan. 3, 2002

FOO FIGHTERS mainman Dave Grohl (ex-NIRVANA) recently posted a message on the band's site describing the experience of working with MOTORHEAD mastermind Lemmy on a song called "Shake Your Blood", which will appear on an upcoming album by Grohl's metal side-project PROBOT. In his diary message, Grohl makes obvious his clear admiration for the rock'n'roll elder, referring to him as "the coolest person I've ever recorded with in my entire life"He is God. He is the reason. He is the last man standing and no one even comes close. That guy is a true rock 'n' roller. Everyone else is just trying. I can't even begin to explain how f.cking life-altering a day in the studio with Lemmy really is. He walks in, kicks the sh.t out of a song and then he's gone" like the goddamned Lone Ranger."

As previously reported, PROBOT's upcoming CD will include a dozen-or-so tracks featuring some of metal's most celebrated and respected vocalists, including Lemmy, Cronos (VENOM), King Diamond (MERCYFUL FATE/KING DIAMOND), Tom G. Fischer (ex-CELTIC FROST), Snake (VOIVOD), Eric Wagner (TROUBLE), Tom Araya (SLAYER), Max Cavalera (SOULFLY), Mike Dean (C.O.C. ), Wino (ex-THE OBSESSED) and Lee Dorrian (CATHEDRAL). Among the tracks that are set to appear on the effort are the following:

01. Dictatorsaurus (feat. Snake)
02. Centuries Of Sin (feat. Cronos)
03. Access Babylon (feat. Mike Dean)
04. Sweet Dreams (feat. King Diamond)
05. Ice Cold Man (feat. Lee Dorrian)
06. My Tortured Soul (feat. Eric Wagner)
07. Big Sky (feat. Tom G. Fischer)
08. Emerald Lies (feat. Wino)
09. Shake Your Blood (feat. Lemmy)

In related news, FOO FIGHTERS are scheduled to perform at the Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, which starts February 8th and runs through February 24th. The FOOs will be making their appearance on February 11th.

DROWNING POOL, COAL CHAMBER, ILL NINO Confirmed For Jagermeister Tour - Jan. 3, 2002

DROWNING POOL, COAL CHAMBER and ILL NINO are set to join forces for the upcoming Jagermeister Music US Tour, which is tentatively scheduled to start on March 8th in Florida and run until sometime in late April. The Jagermeister-sponsored trek will mark COAL CHAMBER's first live performances since April 2000 and will include an as-yet-undetermined fourth act, who will open the festivities (ILL NINO will be playing directly prior to COAL CHAMBER each night, and DROWNING POOL will be headlining the shows). Exact dates and venues will be announced shortly.

SKINLAB's "reVOLT" Gets Pushed Back To May! - Jan. 3, 2002

SKINLAB have changed the title of their forthcoming third full-length CD from tHE reVOLTING ROOM: dISTURBING tHE aRT oF eXPRESSION to reVOLT, and have pushed back its release date to May in order to enable the group's record company, Century Media, to more effectively set up the album's marketing campaign. reVOLT was recently mixed with producer Andy Sneap and will be mastered on January 17th. Produced by Steve Evetts (i.e. SEPULTURA, EARTH CRISIS), the CD will contain the following track listing:

01. Come Get It
02. Slave The Way
03. Purify
04. Isolation
05. Jesus Sells
06. Take As Needed
07. Never Give In
08. One Of Us
09. Anthem For A Fallen Star
10. Elijah

SEVENDUST Set To "Live Again" - Jan. 3, 2002

SEVENDUST have set the track "Live Again" as the second single from their Animosity opus. The song will go for radio adds in the next few weeks.

CANNIBAL CORPSE Offer MP3 Download - Jan. 2, 2002

CANNIBAL CORPSE have made available for download an MP3 of the track "Hatchet to the Head", taken from the group's upcoming Gore Obsessed CD, from this location.

MACHINE HEAD: Live CD Tentative Track Listing Unveiled - Jan. 1, 2002

MACHINE HEAD's upcoming live album, which was recorded at London's Brixton Academy on December 8th for a late 2002 release through Roadrunner Records, will feature a track listing culled from the following set list that was performed at the aforementioned gig:

01. Intro
02. Bulldozer
03. The Blood, The Sweat, The Tears
04. Ten Ton Hammer
05. Old
06. Crashing Around You
07. Take My Scars
08. I'm Your God Now
09. White-Knuckle Blackout!
10. From This Day
11. American High
12. Nothing Left
13. Deafening Silence
14. Davidian
15. The Number Of The Beast (IRON MAIDEN)
16. Territory (SEPULTURA�first half only)
17. Iron Man (BLACK SABBATH�beginning only)
18. Sugar (SYSTEM OF A DOWN�incomplete)
19. Supercharger

As previously reported, the as-yet-untitled CD is due to be mixed later this month by veteran producer Colin Richardson.

SLIPKNOT's Taylor On BBC Radio One - Dec. 31, 2001

Britain's BBC Radio One has posted an entire interview with SLIPKNOT frontman Corey Taylor, conducted over the summer for a special documentary but ultimately shelved due to its length, for listening in streaming Real Audio at this location. The interview covers, among other subjects, Corey's childhood, teenage substance abuse, school life, the singer's influences, his early years with SLIPKNOT, recording with Ross Robinson, and the group's most recent album, Iowa.

STABBING WESTWARD Split With Koch, Begin Work On New CD! - Dec. 29, 2001

STABBING WESTWARD have confirmed that they have parted ways with Koch Records after a one-album collaboration with the label, which resulted in the release of the group's self-titled CD in May. According to an official statement from the band, "things did not work out as well as expected on both sides, so this departure was in the best interest for both parties. Although STABBING WESTWARD is no longer on the Koch label, this is not the end of SW. In fact, SW is currently working on songs for an album slated for release in 2002! A promotional tour will be planned to accompany the release of the new album."

Quick Fact - Machine Head's lastest album "Supercharger" has only sold 33,661 copies in the US between it's release date of October 2nd and December 23rd.
Compare that to Creed selling over 700,000 copies of "Weathered" each week for the past 5 weeks!!! wow.

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