immorak™ (immorak) wrote in loud,

Eminem's Bully Fights Back

A man who allegedly bullied the one and only Slim Shady at school is now suing Eminem to the tune of $1 million for damaging his reputation. The big bully in question, DeAngelo Bailey denies having bullied Eminem while at school, and claims in his lawsuit that lyrics on the Slim Shady LP have damaged his own chances of launching a music career. Hmm, perhaps this lawsuit was sparked more by jealousy than anything else? In Eminem's song, "Brain Damage," a school bully smashes him against urinals and shoves him into lockers while choking him. Bailey is the alleged bully. In the suit, Bailey's lawyers say, "In his music lyrics, Eminem falsely portrayed himself as the victim of a pattern of outrageous and grotesque physical abuse from his childhood friend Bailey. Eminem publicized lyrics that were intended to damage bailey in order to improve Eminem's reputation as a rap artist."
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