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Marilyn Manson: The Anti-Crotch

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Dec. 6th, 2001 | 08:12 pm
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posted by: immorak in loud

Once again, the c-word, as in controversy, is surrounding shock-rocker Marilyn Manson. For the second time in four months Manson has come under fire for causing emotional distress. The latest victim is David Diaz, a security guard at Minneapolis' Orpheum Theatre, who claims Manson grabbed his head and gyrated his crotch directly against his face at a show in October. As a result Diaz has filed a civil suit to the tune of $75,000 against the shock-rocker. Manson was charged with criminal sexual conduct and assult-and-battery for his previous alleged crotch-rubbing incident in July of this year. Meanwhile, Manson's Michigan court date on charges of criminal sexual conduct and assault-and-battery, first scheduled for November 9th and then rescheduled for tomorrow, has now been moved to December 28th at his lawyer's request.


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