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Start With A Strong And Persistent Director
Vex Red have lined up the track "Can't Smile" as the second single from their forthcoming I AM/Virgin debut, "Start With A Strong And Persistent Desire". A CD single is expected to be issued in the U.K. for the track in the coming months and a video for the track will be shot shortly with director Robert Hales (nine inch nails). In the meantime, the album itself, which was produced by Ross Robinson (Slipknot, Korn), is tentatively due out on February 19th.

Head Mixer
Mushroomhead have launched their new website at Included on the new site are sound clips of all tracks from the forthcoming re-release of their latest outing "XX", most of which were re-mixed by Toby Wright (Korn, Alice In Chains). The album is slated to hit stores tomorrow, December 04th, through Republic/Universal.

Mindless Hookers And Lyn Z's 8 Ball Indulgence
Mindless Self Indulgence have found a replacement for bassist Vanessa, who left the group earlier this year, her name is Lyn Z. At present, the group plan to release a maxi-single for the tracks "2 Hookers And An 8 Ball/Ultrasex" in January through their own label Uppity Cracker, and will follow it up with their next full length outing in February/March through Elektra. In related news, a release from the Mindless Self Indulgence side project, The Left Rights is expected out in January through Uppity Cracker as well.

Poem 2 Gift
Taproot are currently in the Los Angeles, CA area, continuing work on pre-production for their forthcoming new album, which is currently carrying a tentative title of "Welcome". The group are working with producer Toby Wright (Korn, Alice In Chains) and have so far completed around 9-10 songs, they are as follows:
"Poem 2 Self"
The band plan to continue writing throughout the rest of the year and are hoping to have around 15-16 songs fully written and completed before beginning the recording sessions for the outing early next year. The album will be mixed by Andy Wallace (Faith No More, System Of A Down) and is eyeing a spring/summer release through Velvet Hammer/Atlantic.

A Perfect Snake In The Apartment
Apartment 26 are currently in Los Angeles, CA writing demos for their next outing, tentatively titled "Detachment". The group are working on the tracks with Jason Slater (Snake River Conspiracy, Pete.) and Troy Van Leeuwen of Failure/A Perfect Circle/ENEMY fame. No recording date has been set for the effort as of yet, though a release sometime next year through Hollywood is expected. In other news, the group have parted ways with drummer Jeremy Colson and now plan to remain a quartet, with an as of yet unannounced temporary drummer being brought in for live performances.

Off The Peppers
The track listing for the forthcoming Red Hot Chili Peppers DVD/VHS release "Off The Map" has been finalized and is as follows:
01 - "Around The World"
02 - "Give It Away"
03 - "Usually Just A T Shirt #3"
04 - "Scar Tissue"
05 - "Suck My Kiss"
06 - "If You Have To Ask"
07 - "Subterranean Homesick Blues"
08 - "Otherside"
09 - "Blackeyed Blonde"
10 - "Pea"
11 - "Blood Sugar Sex Magik"
12 - "Easily"
13 - "What Is Soul?"
14 - "Fire"
15 - "Californication"
16 - "Right On Time"
17 - "Under The Bridge"
18 - "Me And My Friends"
All of the aforementioned songs were captured at a concert which took place in Portland, OR in September 2000 and will be featured on both the DVD and VHS version of the release, while the following 5 will be available on the DVD only:
01 - "Skinny Sweaty Man"
02 - "I Could Have Lied"
03 - "Parallel Universe"
04 - "Sir Psycho Sexy"
05 - "Search And Destroy"
At present, the album is now set for a December 18th release through Warner Bros.

Live Professional Music
Professional Murder Music have announced three new dates, they are as follows:
December 08th San Diego, CA - Dreamstreet (Feat. The Abuse)
December 14th Hollywood, CA - The Whisky (Feat. American Head Charge, Swarm)
January 12th San Francisco, CA - The Pound (Feat. Swarm)

From V.O.D. To C.H.U.D.
According to Beneath The Green ( ), members of Vision Of Disorder and former members of dayinthelife..., Fools Paradise and Deep Sea Alumni have been recently spending some time together, working on a side project dubbed, C.H.U.D.. All members of the band have also apparently taken on new monikers for themselves as part of the group, with the line-up shaping up as follows:
Reonard - Vocals, Guitar, Guitar Synth
Harloequin Millahkin - Bass
Skullion - Guitar, Lyricist
General Ahd Naan Sahdunhka - Drums, Percussion

Same Red Farm
Alien Ant Farm have tentatively tapped dredg and The Color Red to open for them on their forthcoming European dates early next year. The band will also be releasing a 2 track and 4 track CD with acoustic and live songs in Europe to coincide with the tour, while an additional 4 track CD and DVD with live songs and rarities will be released in the U.K. early next year as well. In the meantime, the bands forthcoming Australian dates have been juggled and are now as follows:
January 22nd Melbourne - Palace
January 23rd Sydney - City Live

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