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As rumored on LiveJournal...

Album Title: TBA
Release Date: Early Spring 02 on Reprise

What can we expect?: After hitting their stride as America's premier elctro glam slammers with their second album, Vapor Transmission, Orgy are aiming high in the reinvention sweepstakes. "What are my options?" singer Jay Gordon asks rhetorically. "I don't want to be Linkin Park. I don't want to do what a bunch of other bands have done before. I don't even want to be another Orgy!" Hold on tight next year, because the fashionable androids are going to rock your world. "We're going to focus on a heavier situation," reveals Gordon. "At first I didn't think the guys were going to go for it, but they said, "Fuck yeah! Let's do it." there won't be a lot of electronics on it, save for some of Amir's parts. Who knows Maybe hardening it up will be a whole lotta fun." If [Vapor]Transmission was the kind of thing you might hear in a Blade Runner world, what's the scene for the next album? "I'm not real into movie imagery, really," the singer admits. "But I'll say Exorcist III meets Bruce Lee's Enter The Dragon."

Taken from starmeat!
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