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BigDumbFace Newsletter

Big dumb Fans,
Scott Shoemaker over at KickAssStudios.com needs your help on deciding what
BigdumbFace character they will put into production next. Do us all a favor,
head over to bigdumbface.com and vote using the poll.OTHER NEWS:
If you live under a rock in Stanstanistan, then you probably havn't heard about
Wes' new band. Eat the Day has been set as the official moniker of the new
Borland act. Nothing like BigdumbFace kids, sorry. The boys of the Face are
doing a serious one this time. Check it out in 2002, followed by a long, long,
long tour. Website coming to an internet near you very soon, keep checking in
with BigdumbFace.com for news on Eat the Day and BigdumbFace.
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