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[LOUD airs Saturdays at 11pm ET / 8pm PT]

LOUD Newsletter :: November Edition

Another month, another newsletter. We'll get right to it - we know you have other things to do with your time, like hang out on the Loud message boards. Without further ado, here's what we've got coming down the bend:

WHAT'S NEW THIS MONTH :: Upcoming Highlights
- ROB ZOMBIE: Chills with George
- LOUD Artist Feature: System Of A Down
- LOUD Online: Rage Page Letter Of The Month
- MUCHLOUD: Got digital? Get Loud 24hrs a day

Saturday, November 24 @ 11pm ET

Rob Zombie - who's waiting on Ozzy Osbourne's broken leg to heal so they can get back on tour - hangs out with George in L.A. for the November 24th edition of Loud.

Click to check out this Saturday's Loud playlist.


Stay tuned in the coming weeks, cuz we've got a slew of interviews coming up with the likes of: Biohazard, Drowning Pool, Stereomud, and Slayer!

Looking even further ahead�
No one wants to even think about the upcoming holidays but tinsel time also means endless End Of Year specials! So look out for George's Fave Loud Moments of 2001 in coming weeks.


L.A.- based System Of A Down, who will be part of the 6-date Big Day Out Festival kicking off in Aukland, New Zealand on January 18, are this month's online Loud Featured Artist.

Click to check out the full System Of A Down feature


For all things LOUD including the weekly Loud show playlist, George's Top 5, the oh-so-popular LOUD message board, artist features, contests and more, be sure to check out LOUD online at:

THE RAGE PAGE:: Your Letters to Loud
The Rage Page is one of the most popular areas on the Loud site, and rightly so. Your letters are very...entertaining! We know there's always something to complain about, so keep 'em coming. In the meantime, check out the Rage Page letter of the month (this guy obviously doesn't watch Much very often):

First thing you guys need help bad, you need to get rid of that camera man that shoots George. He can not stand still or keep the camera straight up and down. It is extremely FREAKING ANNOYING. Stand still and stand up straight, your mom should've teached you that when you where a kid. If the camera is too heavy for you put the damn thing on a tripod for crying out LOUD!!!!!!!

- Keith G, North Carolina

Send your own comments or kudos to:


You asked for it and we delivered - at least to those lucky ones with digital cable!

MuchLoud is now airing 24 hours a day on one of those fancy-pants digital channels and has so far been a roaring (no pun intended) success. Not only does MuchLoud air some of the best videos by alternative, hard rock and heavy metal, but some seriously kick-ass specials too. Here's a look at a few of those upcoming shows:

For all you old-skool rockers, there's "Egos & Icons : KISS" on Sunday, December 2 at 7pm and 10pm ET/4pm, 7pm PT. I was made for loving YOU, baby.

On Sunday, December 9th at 7pm and 10pm ET/4pm and 7pm PT is the Live@Much with the pride of Ajax, Ontario SUM 41!

Then on December 16 at 7:30pm and 10:30pm ET/4:30pm and 7:30pm PT we've got "Blink -182 On Tour" - those crazy kats from blink -182 are up to their crazy hijinks again on their album support tour.
Fridays Mean New Videos!
New vids are added to MuchLoud each Friday and here are just a few of the brand new vids you can now see on MuchLoud: Alien Ant Farm "Movies," blink -182 "Stay Together For The Kids," Biohazard "Sell Out," Kid Rock "Forever," Cypress Hill "Trouble, and Limp Bizkit "Faith/Fame Remix."

For more on our new digi channel MuchLoud, surf on over to:

Here's hoping we didn't forget to mention anything Loud-related. If you think we did or have suggestions for the next Loud newsletter, please let us know by email:

Until next month...take care, will ya?

All avalible at
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