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3 New Street Teams NOW OPEN!!!

What's Up StreetWise,

Just when you thought we were done opening street teams for this month...we
bring you 3 more SICK-ASS projects. Check em' out and join before it's too late.



For many kids growing up in the gang infested streets of urban Los Angeles,
struggle and survival are ways of life. Jim Korthe, lead singer of 3rd Strike,
has figured out how to channel those stuggles into his music and the result is
explosive. Korthe is a gifted artist whose musical roots began in San Pedro, CA
11 years ago with current 3rd Strike guitarist Todd Deguchi.

Recorded by Mudrock (Godsmack, Powerman 5000) with additional tracks produced
and mixed by Toby Wright (Alice and Chains, Korn, Sevendust ), the disc heralds
the arrival of an immense new presence on the rock scene.

Welcome to the emotional apocalypse of 3rd Strike.



The Color Red comes from the subculture of the West Coast rock phenomenon,
determined to throw their music into the heart of America. Hailing from
Riverside California, this hard-edged band mixes forceful vocal melody and
enormously thick guitar tones to create an animated and dynamic sound. Hitting
harder than a caffeine injection, these five rockers stand ready to invade the

"TCR is trying to throw something in your face that you can't wash off," says
bassist Marc Zamora. That "something" is what has propelled the band into
playing with acts such as Korn, Deftones, Papa Roach, 311, No Doubt, The
Offspring, Lit, and a show with Sugar Ray at the Sundance Film Festival.

The Color Red pulls from a mixture of many different musical backgrounds. Their
musical tastes weave through jazz, indie rock and thrash metal. The musical
influences of each member of TCR (as you can tell) are very different, but their
stylistic backgrounds unite in their songwriting. The sound is a mixture of
guitar dynamo, vocal fortitude, thunderous beats and mammoth bass. So drop the
frappaccino and roll the windows down. You're about to experience what we call a
rock epiphany - The experience is The Color Red.



It was up to you whether or not we should work this band. You may remember that
they were September's "Use It Or Lose It." voted USE IT and we are.
In case you forget the bands the bio below.

Since their formation in April 1995, Cave-In has set their course for progress.
What originally started as four high school boys exploring their love of metal
has come around to being four guys who are considered to be independent music's
most solid bet for a brighter, heavier future. A bastion of imagination and
musicianship, Cave-In crafts compositions that are epic in scope and sound.



TAPROOT pre-production is rolling along for their highly anticipated, second
release on our own Velvet Hammer Music. Look out for TAPROOT in the March issue
of Alternative Press as one of the "25 most highly anticipated albums of 2002."

Right beside TAPROOT are the boys in HEADSPACE who have begun recording their
debut record for Velvet Hammer Music/Atlantic Records! The album should be done
sometime in December, but StreetWise should have some music for you soon. Be
prepared for the next generation of the StreetWise Revolution...

Last but not least...SYSTEM OF A DOWN. The guys have a few big radio shows
lined up before heading over to Australia and Europe, they are as follows:

12/1 - Washington, DC (WHFS)
12/6 - Seattle, WA (KNDD)
12/7 - San Francisco, CA (Live 105)
12/11 - Denver, CO (KBPI)

In other SOAD news, "Toxicity" has been chosen as the second single from the
album of the same name. System Of A Down's own bass player
extraordinaire...SHAVO ODADJIAN will be making his directorial debut on the



Well StreetWise....we are DAMN excited about adding this diverse variety of
bands to our ever growing roster of acts. Please do yourselves (and us) a favor
and take a minute to listen to what each band sounds like. We don't want you
joining teams, getting the swag and then telling us that you and all your
friends hate that style of music.


Click here to go to the members area and join the teams:

StreetWise Concepts & Culture 2001
"Bringing You The Sickest New Shit First"
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