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loud > November 13th, 2001 (just got it in my e-mail 30 sec. ago!)

Detailing what's new this week at

. Rob Zombie Contest
. New Message Board
. New Reviews of Sevendust, Kittie, Rob Zombie, The Shiznit, Number One Son.
. Recommended Listening
. This Weeks Releases


* PRP Contest For The Week:
Win A Rob Zombie Discography, A Zombie In A Box, Posters, Masks And More!
Check it out at:

* New Message Board:
Due to overwhelming demand thePRP has found a permanent home for its message
Located at

* New Reviews:
Sevendust - Animosity
Sevendust deliver their anticipated third outing for TVT.
Read It At:

Rob Zombie - The Sinister Urge
Rob Zombie's sophomore outing for Geffen lands in stores with a host high
profile of guest appearances.
Read It At:

Kittie - Oracle
Canadian female outfit Kittie return with a heavier direction.
Read It At:

The Shizit - Soundtrack For The Revolution
Seattle duo unleash their violent PRP Featured Release on the masses.
Read It At:

Number One Son - Majority Of One
British nu metal act deliver promising debut.
Read It At:

* Recommended Listening:
The End - "her (inamorata)"

Quitter - "The Waiting Song"

Vespin - "TurnCoat"

* Releases For The Week Of November 13th:
Autonomy - Autonomy (U.K. Only) (Earache)
Burn - Cleanse (Equal Vision)
Earth Crisis - 1991-2001, Forever True (DVD) (Victory)
Kittie - Oracle (Artemis)
Radiohead - I Might Be Wrong: Live Recordings (Capitol)
Rob Zombie - The Sinister Urge (Geffen/Interscope Records)
Sevendust - Animosity (TVT Records)
Various Artists - Lot 49 (Vertigo Productions)

also released this week....

Angra - Rebirth (Steamhammer)
Garrison - Be A Criminal (Revelation)
Most Precious Blood - Nothing In Vain (Trustkill)
The Movielife - Has A Gambling Problem (Drive-Thru)
When Dreams Die - My Proudest Invention To Date (Ides Of March)
Various Artists - Live (Geffen)

Find more information on Release Dates at:

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